Music evokes, stimulates, implies, suggests – playing upon the mind, the heart and the soul. Music has the capacity to change lives forever.” - Richard Gill

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Alan Plummer guitar teacher and classical guitar performer

classical guitar lessons

If you want to learn and improve your guitar playing, look no further. With a wealth of experience as a qualified professional, Alan is the guitar teacher in Sydney to help you on your musical journey.

Alan Plummer, A.Mus.A.; L.Mus.A.

Photograph Tim Bradshaw

How I teach guitar

  • I teach you solid technique from the start
  • I welcome Adult Beginners
  • I give you the skills to play the music you love
  • Regular or occasional lessons
  • Easy booking and payment

Whether you want to learn the guitar yourself or provide your child with a good musical education, Alan will set you on the right musical path. Maybe you just want to have fun and play your favourite tunes?  Learning classical technique will give you the musical skills to play any style you love. Alan teaches beginners, self-taught acoustic guitar players and advanced players wanting an intensive learning experience. More...