Functions FAQ

How do I choose the right musician for my function?


What is the best music for a function? 

Know your audience and choose your musician carefully. Not all musicians think providing background music is a worthwhile task. It is. Detailed instructions can be problematic, so share general thoughts and trust the experienced professional to do the job. She or he will soon know what works! 

Look to the music on /recordings-and-video and  /live-music and you will know if this is will work for you. 

What is the best music for a wedding? 

The ceremony has three important musical parts: Processional, Signing, and Recessional. A Processional need be walking pace, grand, and flexible enough to stop short or play long, as needed. A recessional needs an air of celebration. The signing only is the musician’s moment. 

As to the actual repertoire chosen, it is necessary to communicate. The repertoire of a good musician changes over time - different pieces come and go. Plus, the client may have special requests. Call any time. See also /weddings and /recordings-and-video 

What is the best music for a funeral? 

In the absence of special instruction, the guitarist can play a soulful version of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road or A Taste of Honey, or one of the treasures Bach has given us. Also M. de Falla’s Homenaje on the death of his friend Debussy. All provide moments of quiet reflection and celebration. 

See the suggested music here /funeral-music  and feel free to talk about more selections.