Alan played classical / Spanish guitar during our wedding reception and provided a beautiful background music, ensuring the moment was extra special. Would highly recommend him.”

— Danielle R.

Below is a selection of examples for wedding ceremonies. In addition to music as guests arrive, and or wait, three special pieces of music are needed; a processional, music for the signing, and a recessional. The processional needs to be walking pace, and flexible enough so it can stop when needed. Pachelbel's Cannon is certainly available, and actually works well as a guitar solo. However, one cannot escape the cliched nature of the work. Many less well known pieces can work even better. 

The signing is the only spot that belongs to the musician; all the rest is for the wedding couple. This is true even if the music is a special request. A piece that is well known, like Recuerdos de la Alhambra, or one of the famous Bach Preludes, works well. The recessional can be anything with an air of celebration.