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As outlined on the Bio page Alan has a well rounded career spanning many years, starting first in rock and then moving to classical music. The available repertoire reflects this. The home library extends to maybe five hours of music, so only the most general descriptions are possible!

Classical Guitar Repertoire: The heart of this is the romantic music of 20th Century Spain, of which a large portion was written for Andres Segovia. A concert performance of one example of this music - Romance de Los Pinos by Torroba - can be seen above. The best of the contemporary 'classical' repertoire is South American, featuring the Argentinian Maximo Diego Pujol, and the Cuban Leo Brouwer. Also played is the music of the baroque and renaissance periods. A recording of The Lady Clifton's Spirit by John Dowland is listed above. Please contact for any particular requests. Recordings of both can be found on this page.

Songs From the Rock World: Apart from Classical Gas there are very few rock / pop songs that work with a solo guitar. (However much one might love Stairway To Heaven, a soloist can do the introduction, even the verses, but not the complete song.) The songs that are played, however, work really well. They have been carefully arranged to sing through the guitar, while remaining true to the original. (Even a Black Sabbath song!) As above, please contact for any specific requests.
  • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by John and Taupin, arr A. Plummer
  • She's Gone (see clip below) by Black Sabbath, arr A. Plummer
  • Tears in Heaven by E. Clapton and W. Jennings
  • Yesterday by Lennon and McCartney
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps (see clip below) by G. Harrison. Arr A. Plummer
  • Lady Jane Jagger and Richard
  • Kiss From A Rose by Seal Arr A. Plummer
Flute and Guitar Repertoire: The most beautiful flute and guitar repertoire in world today is from South America. This music is almost exclusively Tangos and extremely virtuosic. Two videos of concert performances below make the point; A fast and slow movement from a work by Piazzolla - Histoire du Tango - are both Tangos.