Playing Bach on the Guitar. Pt 3.

In Part 1 we considered some mathematical aspects of Bach’s music, in Part 2 emotion in music generally, and now in Part 3 we can start looking at playing the music of J. S. Bach on the guitar. He wrote…

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Musical Language of the Heart, Bach part 2.

The previous post finished with my dismay at hearing 'Bach is pure mathematics.' It is not. This post is on the opposite; the musical language of the heart.

‘Heart’ is not all sweetness and light—dolce and giocoso. It…

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Bach, Spirit, and Time. Part 1.

Bach was a genius; Mozart the consummate professional and Beethoven somewhere in between. In the time—pun intended—of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)  people did not view time as we do today. When he walked 322 kilometres from the heart of Germany…

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